This is a list of officially recognized resources for the SPOT project. SPOT was created by the Ampleforth community and shares a number of community resources with the Ampleforth Ecosystem.

SPOT Papers, Website, Socials

  • Website: The official SPOT website

  • Docs: The official documentation for the SPOT protocol

  • Blog: The official Ampleforth / SPOT blog

  • Whitepaper: The official SPOT whitepaper

  • Github: The official SPOT Github repository

  • Discord: The official Ampleforth community discord and primary channel for discussions around governance and works in progress.

  • Telegram: The Ampleforth telegram for enthusiasts (now community moderated).

  • Twitter: The official Ampleforth Twitter for all major news and updates regarding the Ampleforth ecosystem

  • Forum: The official Ampleforth governance forum

Where to get SPOT

  • Uniswap: A decentralized automated market-making application that utilizes a bonding curve to facilitate swaps and discover price.

  • Uniramp: An onramp that lets you buy SPOT directly with fiat. (offramp coming soon)

Ecosystem Projects

  • Ampleforth: A decentralized unit of account protocol that produces the AMPL token. AMPL is the underlying collateral asset used in the SPOT protocol

  • Buttonwood: Utilizes financial primitives to build the decentralized financial stack. Features AMPL in their risk-tranching protocol ButtonTranche


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